Smart Piggy Bank
Smart piggy bank is the name given to an on line piggy bank which gets cash deposits in it when someone buys a ticket to play a knowledge and skill based dedicated online-game competition called ‘Spot the position of the invisible ball’. The game competition can be played through the website, @‘https://www.smartpiggybank.co.uk’
People playing the game competition for fun, or entertainment, or as a challenge, or for the cash prize in the online piggy bank, actually makes a saving in the online piggy bank, as 60% of the ticket money is deposited straight into the online piggy bank. People are also making a contribution to good causes, as a further 20% of the ticket money is sent in a charity account for distribution to people’s selected charities and good causes.
All the savings in the piggy bank is awarded to one Winner and 10 Runner Ups of the game competition.
At the close of each game competition, the Winner is decided by an expert panel of judges, using their knowledge and skills of the game. The computer then selects the 10 Runner Ups which have the next 10 nearest coordinates to the Winner.

The Winner and Runners Ups are then contacted and awarded smart piggy bank cheques for their cash winnings.

For further information, please visit the website or the email at [email protected] Tweet us @ SMARTPIGGYBANKK, follow us on Instagram @SMARTPIGGYBANKK and get in touch through our Facebook page @ SMARTPIGGYBANKK

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