These days, there are many conventional ways to invest small sums of money such as, regularly set aside small sums of money for a pension plan or Isa, buy an insurance plan or two, or bonds or stock and shares.
Whatever method you adopt to invest, you have to wait for a long time, over many years, to get an outcome. Except for Isa, pension or insurance plans, or Bonds, the outcome for investing stock and share could be better or worse, depending on the performance of the markets. The Isa, pension or insurance plans, or Bonds are fairly low risk investment strategy, but for a decent return you will have to wait for many year.
For a quick return, you can of course spend to gamble in many of the myriad of gambling avenues available these days, such as horse racing, sports betting, online gambling or physically going into casinos and play Russian Roulette or card games. You can also play for lottery or Bingo. However in all these games, the odds of winning is very low.
You will be much surprised to hear that in this day and age, when all the gaming industry is geared towards making a much higher percentage of profit, there is one online company, namely, Smart Play-choice UK Ltd, which is offering 60% of the cash from the sale of the tickets to one Winner and 10 Runner Ups. A further 20% of the cash from the ticket sales is made available for good causes. With 60% cash offer, the odds of winning is very high.
The online game is simple to play. All you have to do is to buy a ticket on the website, smartpiggybank.co.uk and use your knowledge, skill and judgement to ‘spot the position of an invisible ball’ in a picture frame.
After the close of Competition, the centre position of the invisible ball is judged by an independent Panel of Judges. The player whose spot matches or is the nearest to that of the Panel of Judge’s, is the Winner of the Competition.

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