Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How it works

What is ‘Spot the position of an invisible ball’ game competition?

It is an online-game competition, in which participants would be invited to view a digitised picture frame, where a number of players would be shown to be scrambling to head or kick an invisible ball. The digitised frame would have a resolution that can support more than a million coordinates. Each Pixel in the digitised frame would be represented by a number in X and Y coordinates. The participants would be guided by a curser to hover over the picture. At each position of the curser, it would show a different number for X and Y coordinates. Each of these coordinates is called a “Spot”. The participants would be expected to use their knowledge, skill and judgement and select a Spot, which they believe is the centre of the position of the invisible ball in the picture frame. The participants would be able to select and de-select a Spot as many times as they want. Once a participant is confident of his/her selection of the Spot, as the coordinates of the centre position, the participant would be able to click to save and proceed to make a payment.

How often is the game competition taking place?

A game competition will take place once a week or a month. The Completion will last for the duration of the week or the month. Each Competition will be advertised well in advance of its commencement on the Company’s website and the social media.

How many times can I select the position of the ball in a game competition?

The participants would be offered four choices to select the position of the ball:

  • Choice 1 will allow for selection of one ‘Spot’ for the position of the ball,
  • Choice 2, will allow for selection of two ‘Spots’ for the position of the ball,
  • Choice 3, will allow for selection of three ‘Spots’ for the position of the ball,
  • Choice 4, will allow for selection of four ‘Spots’ for the position of the ball,
How much is it to play a game and are there any special offers?
  • The ticket for Choice 1, costs £3
  • The ticket for Choice 2, cost £5
  • The ticket for Choice 3, cost £7
  • The ticket for Choice 3, cost £9
How will I get a receipt of my purchase?

As soon as a participant has selected the Spots and made payment, He/she will receive a confirmation email with a receipt.  The receipt will state the amount paid and the coordinate(s) of the Spots selected.  The participant will need this receipt to show and claim his/her cash price, should they win.

How many times can I participate in the same game competition?

A participant would be allowed to spend a maximum of £35 in a specific game competition. The specific game completion could last for a month, a fortnight or a week, depending on how long the specific game competition has been promoted to last.  This restriction is imposed to limit to the maximum amount a participant can spend to play in a game completion. This is in line with our policy of being a socially responsible company.

Is there an age limit to participate in this online-game competition?

As a socially responsible company, participants below 18 years of age in the UK will not be allowed to play for the Smart Piggybank online-game competition. 

What is the link between the ‘Spot the position of an invisible ball’ game competition and Smart piggybank?

Sixty percent (60%) of the money raised from the sale of the tickets to enter into the online-game competition would be displayed on the website’s play page. Each time a person buys a ticket, the amount of money in the Piggybank would increase. From the remaining 40% of the ticket money, depending upon the cost of management of the game completion, up to 20% would be available for distribution to good causes through the company’s charity arm.

How are the Winners and Runner Ups of a game competition decided?

After the close of a Competition, the coordinates of the centre position of the invisible ball would be judged by an independent Panel of Judges appointed by the company.  Each member of the Panel is an expert in the sporting field, such as a football player and/or a referee. 

The Judge's agreed position of the coordinates will automatically be computed against the database of coordinates of all the eligible entries received in that Competition. If the coordinates of the position of the ball as judged by the Panel of Judges matches or is the nearest to that of a participant’s ticket then that person would be judged as the Winner of that Competition.

 Once the Winning coordinates is decided by the Judges, then the next 10 coordinates for the Runner Ups position will automatically be decided by the computer from the participant’s database, by a simple comparison against the position of the Winning coordinates.

What happens if more than one person is equidistant to the judge’s position?

In any Competition, if a case arises, where more than one participant’s ‘Spot’, matches and/or is equidistant to the ‘Spot’ decided by the Judge's Panel as the Winning ‘Spot’, the Winner will be determined by, whichever participant played and bought the ticket first and other players become runners up.

Why original ball position is not used to judge the winner?

The ‘Spot the position of invisible the ball’ is a fair, transparent and auditable game competition, which is based on the participant’s knowledge of football, playing skill and sense of judgement. 

By not using the original ball position in the ‘Spot the position of invisible the ball’, this game of chance is turned into a competitive game, which relies on the participant’s knowledge, skill and judgement.  This is tested against the Panel of Judge’s knowledge, skill and judgement.

How many Winners and Runner Ups are there in a game competition and what is their share of the price money?

In each specific game competition, there would be one Winner, who would receive 60% of the money in the Smart Piggybank raised from the sale of the tickets for that specific game competition. The next 10 Runner Ups of the game competition would receive equal amounts of the remaining 40% of the money in the Smart Piggybank.

When the results of a competition are announced and how are the Winner and Runners up verified?

The Winner and Runner Up’s of the completion will be notified by emails, as well as phone calls, immediately after the decision of the Panel of Judges is confirmed for the Winning coordinates and the computer has selected the next 10 Runner Up’s.

The email will ask the Winner and the Runner Up’s to send a copy or/and, produce in person the following items for verification:

  1. Copy of the passport, or driving licence to confirm their identity, and age.
  2. Recently received utility bill or bank statement or council tax notice to confirm address
  3. If the entry was made by credit or debit card, proof that the card was legally theirs or that they had authorisation to use it
How does the Winner or Runners up receive the prize and when?

Depending on the availability, the Winner and the Runner Ups could receive their price money in the form a cheque at a ceremony held at the Company’s offices, a week after the closing of the completion, otherwise the cheques can be hand delivered or sent by special delivery.

What happens, if the Winner or Runner Up’s fails to provide the required verification?

Failure to meet any of the verification obligations in point 13 may result in the Smart Piggybank Competition Winner / Runner Up’s being disqualified and in such circumstances, the Company will add their cash price into the Smart Piggybank for the next completion.

How can I get further information?

Please send an email with your query to the CEO of the Company at [email protected] or send your query to Suite 2A, Blackthorn House, St Paul's Square, Birmingham B3 1RL